One way rent

One way rent.

Need to arrange a one way passenger or cargo van rental? Interested in any of the options above? Would it be easier for you if you could return your next rented car to a different location?

What’s more – cars for one way rental can be delivered within the borders of Estonia, the Baltic states and Europe.

In the list of rentals in one direction, there are all of our rental cars, minibuses 8+1 seats, and minivans.

Auto-rent Tallinn offers the one way rent service, so you can drop the car off at a location that works best for you. That gives you the convenience to begin your car rental in one place and return in another, even in another country. Booking a one way car rental with Auto-Rent Tallinn will support you with the flexibility to pick up your vehicle in one location and then return it to another.

Despite the bit higher cost, travelers choose one-way car rentals for different reasons:  to avoid coming back to their vacation start point or to take a cross-country road trip without returning back etc.

If you drop your car off in a different place than you picked it up, the car rental company has to bring the car back to where it belongs  – and that may increase your rental cost. But if you like to travel for few thousand kilometers, and bring the car back to the same place – it also takes money for fuel and overnights and all other costs.

The cost of this service depends on the car and the country, rental period and depending on where you are – so please contact with the Auto-rent Tallinn staff about the locations you have in mind.

One way rent –

is also a good solution, if moving house several kilometers away and want to avoid the need to drive back. And it is a great idea opening the door to so many travel opportunities. You can  stop in as many locations as you wish, dropping off your car where you like. This is what we call a one way cargo rental, what allows drivers to cover more ground while traveling internationally.

The best thing about our one way rental is that you can create your truely own trip!

If you wish to receive or return the car in any other city or for a detailed offer, please send us an e-mail query. Auto-Rent Tallinn has you covered!


                               •          Tallinn        –         Pärnu  98€         
                               •          Tallinn        –         Tartu 135€        
                               •          Tallinn        –         Riga 195€        
                               •          Tallinn        –         Vilnius 265€        
                               •          Tallinn        –         Kaunas 275€         
                               •          Tallinn        –         Helsinki  98€        


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